From and idea to a completed track, ready to release – D.Ramirez has had over 30 years experience in electronic music production and has engineered tracks for some of the worlds biggest artists and DJs. Whether you are looking for a full track created from scratch or just help finalising your productions and adding that extra 20%, D.Ramirez caters for all of your engineering needs and offers services for all types.
His styles include: House, Tech House, Progressive House, Pop, Ambient, Experimental


From and idea to a completed track, ready to release – all you need is the idea, D.Ramirez can take care of the rest. All you need is a vocal and a simple idea or even just a reference track which will be transformed into a full music production.


Have you ever been in a situation where you know your track has major potential but there’s just something missing? D.Ramirez can add that extra magic to get your track over the line and ready for release. Whether it’s adding the extra 20% or completely taking the track apart and rebuilding, anything is possible. A consultation will be required where you will be able to send in your track for appraisal from Dean himself.


It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been producing or how experienced we are, sometimes we just need that extra perspective along with a little bit of help to get our track to gold standard release quality. Whether it’s work on the finer details along with the mix and master, or help with the arrangement, Dean offers a finalisation service based on an initial appraisal of the track.

How To Book

Booking for the first time

If you have never had a booking with D. Ramirez Studio previously; then you will need to use the contact form below and provide your details along with your specific requirements. D. Ramirez will be in contact with you for an initial consultation so that your requirements and needs may be assessed appropriately. After that he will provide you further information on how to book through the website.

Returning Customers

For those of you returning; you can access the D. Ramirez Studio booking page  here . You will be  required to enter the password D. Ramirez has previously provided you to access this page. Once entered you will be able to access his bookings calendar where you will be required to add some additional details for your booking and pay your deposit.

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